The American University of Rome Offers Programs 100% in English in a Truly Diverse Environment

Congratulations to Victor Guttman from Instituto Alberto Einstein who started his studies in Business Administration this Spring (January) 2019 at the American University of Rome in Italy. Also, congratulations to his proud parents Judy Guttman and Alberto Guttman.

The bachelors, masters and other programs are entirely in English and the university is accredited in the United States.

The American University of Rome is a truly diverse university with students from more than 50 countries on its campus, which allows students to have an experience of cultural exchange and exposure to different perspectives, in addition to the cultural richness they gain by living and studying in a city like Rome. Even teachers complement their classes with on-site classes at historical sites, museums, among other places in Rome.

The university supports its students in obtaining internships. 78% of students do 1 or 2 internships during their university studies.

The accommodation for the students is in Roman neighborhoods, which allows them to create friendships with Italian neighbors.

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